10% Off on Lazuli Products Nov 25 through Dec 25

From November 25 through December 25, 2021, Danacable will hold a Giving2021 sale on standard headphone products across all Lazuli product lines. You get 10% off the product’s price by entering the coupon code Giving2021 at checkout. At the end of the Giving2021 sale period, Danacable will tally up the discounts given and match the total in donations to the following three charities (split three-way across the charities):

  • World Central Kitchen (www.wck.org)
  • Feeding America (www.feedingamerica.org)
  • Doctors Without Borders (doctorswithoutborders.org)

Put in your orders ASAP. We will fill them on a first come first make basis.

We will extend the same Giving2021 offer to Lazuli orders for addresses outside of the US. Since online orders for non-US addresses are still suspended (due to ongoing uncertainties with international shipping costs), contact us at gingko@gingkoaudio.com.

We will announce the total donated on December 28, 2021.

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