AXPONA 2023 Coverage sponsored by xsa-labs and Vera-Fi Audio LLC Part 6

Welcome back to Headphone.Guru’s coverage of AXPONA 2023 thanks to the generous sponsorship provided by our good friends at xsa-labs and Vera-Fi Audio LLC.

Introducing XSA-Labs and Vera-Fi Audio LLC

Simply put, at XSA-Labs, we offer unique, innovative, and leading edge products for the very best in SOUND QUALITY and VALUE using state of the art design and manufacturing technologies. Beginning Pre Orders May 1, 2023, for the Vera-Fi Audio Series One A40 Class A Amp

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As well, our Vera-Fi Audio LLC site is the Home of the Puron Plug In AC Line Conditioner and the Swiss Digital FUSE BOX.

Innovative Design and Value to the extreme.

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Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio - AXPONA 2023

Cambridge Audio instantly caught my attention as they were running vinyl through headphones. On demo were a Cambridge Audio ALVA TT Direct Drive Turntable ($1,999) running through a Cambridge Audio ALVA Duo Phono Preamp ($349) to a pair of Audeze LCD-XC Headphones ($1,299), as well as a Cambridge Audio MXN10 Network Player ($499) through a Cambridge Audio DacMagic 200M DAC ($549) to a pair of Audeze LCD-X Headphones ($1,199).

Cambridge Audio - AXPONA 2023
Cambridge Audio - AXPONA 2023
Cambridge Audio - AXPONA 2023


Innuos - AXPONA 2023

Innuos was set up in several rooms including a room specific to personal audio showing their new Innuos PULSEmini Network Music Player ($1,249), new Innuos ZENmini S CD Ripper/NAS/Streamer ($2,049/1TB SSD), and their Innuos PHOENIX NET Audiophile Network Switch ($3,749) running through PS Audio Sprout100s ($799) to Meze Audio 99 Classics Headphones ($309).

Innuos - AXPONA 2023

Vinnie Rossi / Innuos / Rockport Technologies / MSB

Vinnie Rossi / Innuos - AXPONA 2023

 Innous paired up with Vinnie Rossi, Rockport Technologies, and MSB to show off their Innuos Statement Music Server featuring the Next-Gen power supply ($21,700) running through the MSB Premiere DAC ($27,500) with Pro ISL/USB ($1,980) to a Vinnie Rossi Brama integrated amplifier ($38,995) driving a pair of Rockport Technologies Atria II loudspeakers ($38,000/pr). A Stromtank SEQ-5 ($4,875) supplied AC and Transparent cable was used throughout.

Quintessence Audio/Clearaudio

Quintessence Audio/Clearaudio

The award for most impressive turntable needs to go to Quintessence Audio for their Clearaudio Statement turntable ($275,000) with Goldfinger Statement MC cartridge ($17,500).

Nokturne Audio/Linn/Lejonklou

Noktunre Audio/Linn/Lejonklou - AXPONA 2023

Okay, what drew me into the Nokturne Audio room was the Linn LP12 with a Harban Movingui Plinth, Klimax Radikal2, Keel, Trampolin 2 Ekos SE1, and Ekstatik ($30, 553). The system consisted of Lejonklou Kalla Digital music player ($8,495), the new Lejonklou SINGularity mono MC Phonostage ($55,000/pr), a Lejonklou Slipsik 8 MM Phonostage ($1,795), Lejonklou Sagatun 1.4 mono Preamps ($9,900/pr), the new Lejonklou Tundra mono 3 Amplifiers at ($12,990/pr), and JM Reynaud ORFÉO GRANDE Loudspeakers ($14,500).

Noktunre Audio/Linn/Lejonklou - AXPONA 2023

WYNN Audio / Crystal Cable / Entreq / Kalista / Karan Acoustics / Metronome / Vimberg

WYNN Audio / Kalista / Karan Acoustics / Metronome / Vimberg - AXPONA 2023

It was their acrylic display cases that lured me into the WYNN Audio room, but the Kalista DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty Turntable ($54,000), and Kalista DreamPlay XC CD/SACD player/DAC ($79,000) paired with a  Karan Acoustics LINEa Preamplifier with external power supply ($41,000), PHONOa phono preamplifier with external power supply ($38,000), and POWERa mono power amplifiers ($106,000) running through a pair of Vimberg Tonda D loudspeakers ($70,000/pr) justified the venture. Crystal Cable Art Series’ Van Gogh and Da Vinci cables were used throughout with grounding provided by the Entreq Olympus Infinity Ten ground box ($12,000).

WYNN Audio / Kalista / Karan Acoustics / Metronome / Vimberg - AXPONA 2023
WYNN Audio / Kalista / Karan Acoustics / Metronome / Vimberg - AXPONA 2023
WYNN Audio / Kalista / Karan Acoustics / Metronome / Vimberg - AXPONA 2023

Finley Audio / Boulder Amplifiers / Les Davis Audio / Serhan Swift

Boulder Amplifiers / Finley Audio / Les Davis Audio / Serhan Swift - AXPONA 2023

A simple but outstanding sounding system was the Finley Audio room which featured a pair of Serhan Swift Mu2 SE ($10,950) driven by a Boulder 866 DAC/Integrated Amplifier ($17,000). The room was fitted with Finley Audio cables and Les Davis Audio room treatments.

That concludes Part 6 of my coverage of AXPONA 2023, stay tuned for Part 7. I would like to once again thank our sponsors xsa-labs and Vera-Fi Audio LLC for making this possible.

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