Bob Carver Launches Online Store

Bob Carver Announces Important Changes

Bob Carver has announced he is moving his company into the 21st century, with an upcoming on-line store at his website. Customers will soon have the option to purchase direct from Bob Carver with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with no restocking or shipping fees attached either way.

Soon you will be able to have your own Carver Amplifier Challenge in your home and system, with no-risk to your audio budget. You can experience the work of Bob Carver, anywhere UPS delivers in the USA. Bob Carver will continue to deliver the innovative, high performance products that made him world famous.

In recent months, supply chain issue has disrupted shipments of Bob Carver products to our customers. We have been working overtime to solve these issues, and we believe we have.

We regret the delays and how this has caused worry and upset to our wonderful customers. The recent closure of Glass Audio America has again caused a disruption in our shipments. Glass Audio built Bob Carver products under license. We know the good people at Glass Audio are in great demand within the industry. Their individual futures are all very bright.

As a response, Bob has taken personal stake in multiple USA manufacturers to produce Bob Carver products under his direct oversight and guidance. In recent years, demand for Bob Carver products has exceeded supply continuously.

Bob hears your demands and is going back into USA manufacturing of his products. In the near future, you can see what products Bob has planned for 2022. Exciting changes ahead for Bob Carver fans at

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Bob Carver

Bob Carver Corporation 1429 Avenue D #396 Snohomish, WA 98290

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  • Dopey
  • 2022-02-14 21:23:41
  • Yarp! Pierce yer heart like a purdy young intern...
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  • MadMex
  • 2022-02-10 20:03:43
  • This is great news. My hopes are high for an integrated tube amp with looks that kill, meaning sexy. Bob can do it. His current power amps are hubba hubba, especially the crimson one with red heels, the kind of heels that can pierce your heart.
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  • Dopey
  • 2022-02-10 03:58:19
  • Sh-sh-shoot! That there contraption mus' light up like a Christmas tree!
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