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CanJam Denver was a huge success this year regardless of the unfinished hotel renovations. CanJam had 66 companies showing their wares in a tent and two rooms this year. The attendance looked robust and had some surprise visitors to the show this year. The  room was buzzing with new gear and enthusiastic personal audio members.  RMAF is a terrific social event and a place to hang with friends. Marjorie Baumert was under lots of pressure with the hotel renovations and restriced areas but managed to pull off a successful and enjoyable event. Our Guru team was there in full force. We enjoyed seeing old and some new friends at the growing and exciting CanJam that Jude Mansilla was able to expand upon this year with  more companies and a much larger event. Outstanding people and companies made this years event a huge success.

Iain Smith from RHA Acoustic had some new and interesting products from Scotland(including Scotch Whiskey).


The new Flagship Universal IEM sounded balanced with terrific transparency and is the new RHA Acoustic flaghip proced at $449


The new portable amplifier and DAC $549 will create some waves with its exceptional build quality. The sound was clean and exceptionally transparent. The amplifier had power and finesse.
    Etymotic a company known for exceptional value in the community was showing the ER4 Studio reference IEM.    $349 exceptional value and sound quality.

Labkable cables looked exceptional and are works of art. Their cables have been covered by Headphone Guru Mike Portnoy and looked like fine art.


JDS Labs always an value oriented company that has products that sound exceptional. Their offerings are inexpensive and compete with products priced much higher. Element priced at $349


The O2+ODac  are priced competetively. The O2 plus O2Dac B is $279.00 total for the pair.


Fang Bian introduced the production Shangri-La Electrostatic System. Pricd at $50K . The statement product was drawing attention and looked and sounded fantastic


NBA Dream Team and  Hall of Fame player  David Robinson was enamored with the sound of the system. Fang was explaining the system in detail and had David’s complete attention


$270 Crossfade from VModa


Val Koltron’s  VModa was there and showing their new crossfade headphones. Available in a variety of colors . The popular closed headphones were well built and a pleasant listening experience. Starting at $249


Pioneer had their new protable player $700 that  was doing the new MQA format and sounded exceptional. The portable was well built and sounded fantastic with the new MQA files.


Questyle Bruce Ball was there in full force showing the Reference Stack(review coming 11/3)  The reference stack is a statement product fromm Questyle and is an all out  assault and contender for best system available.  The sound was pristine and you are there transparency.


Meze new  IEM completly blew me away. Priced at $59 the new IEM single driver sounds transparent with excellent extension in the bass and treble.

The affordable Meze is perfect for any music lover and  and incredible bargain.Rare to see see this type of build and sound in such an affordable product.


Fostex new TH900S sounded spectacular.  Magnificent hand made cherry cups were beautiful and hand finished.  The more Refined TH900 11 sounded better  with more balance and had expectational extension in both bass and treble. One of the finest closed headphone available. $1495


Westone was making a big splash with their new WB 80 IEM’s. The sound was balanced and neutral. The bass had excellent definition with a pristine high end. $1499


Audeze Marc Cohen was showing the new iSine from Audeze, the new planar design was outstanding. Extremely transparent with the excellent sound of Audeze flagships, the new iSine priced at $399 is going to make a big splash and the planar drive is now available as a class leading value priced in-ear monitor that was comfortable and offered reference quality sound

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