CanJam Global NYC – 2018 Part 4

The aisles of the main ballroom were packed with eager personal audio attendees. The front desk saw Joe Cwik doing more to handle the traffic flow and greet attendees and press as Brian Murphy has not assumed all the video work for and allows Joe to also to talk with press and friends alike. Marjorie Baumert who is a big part of the CanJam family and produces the Rocky Mountain Audiofest in Denver, also was one of the volunteers.  The  ballroom  was packed and I continued my coverage with the first two isles on Saturday and before I knew it the day had flown by. I was enamored with the gear and people and took no lunch or breaks, but had a fantastic time listening to some really amazing products and enjoyed the exotic gear all day finding some amazing gear in the first two isles.Brand Manager Tijana Marjanovic was  available to answer questions on the amazing new amplifiers and DACs from Auris, a Serbian based manufacturer. Milomir Troslc the CEO and founder of the company was a friendly gent who has designed some extraordinary Tubes based products using mostly EI tubes. Milomir told me that he was able to get hold of many rare and fabulous tubes from EI which have dried up worldwide as the EI factory had been blown up during the war in Serbia, losing most of their tubes. The sound from the products he was showcasing demonstrated his engineering and design capabilities as the products were serious eye candy and music for the soul.

The amplifier puts out 3 watts of power using 2 Electro Harmonix 2A3 tubes, with 2 EC 81 tubes used as the drives. The 32 ohm beauty had 4 analog inputs and its wood design and three transformers was a work of art. The sound was unbelievably transparent, the amp had a flow listening to music, with amazing air and imaging of vocalist. The $8500 amplifier had everything you look for in musicality. The soundstage and midrange was among the very best I have heard in 2A3 designs. The amplifier did not run overly hot and will drive any headphone currently in production easily. The tonality of instruments was first rate and had a liquidity of sound.

The CD transport was paired to the DHP digital to analog converter with the HA 2SE making beautiful music. The entire system was one of the most musically engaging products I heard at this CanJam. The music had inner detail and tonality. The magic of tubes was coming through and had my complete attention and the beauty of the construction of the products was like museum art. This Serbian company is committed to providing world class products that are truly reference caliber. 

Bill Poteet and Frank Doris form Audio Technica were on hand showcasing the new ATH ADX 5000 open back reference headphone. The $1999  open back design had outstanding musicality was light on my head with a comfort that made me forget about anything but the music. The new headphone had exceptional soundstage with transparency and excellent tonality of instruments. The imaging was  special and had me forgetting anything but the music. I have a review sample in house for a full featured review. Very Impressive and one of the most comfortable headphones I have had in the studio.  The 58MM integrated driver is sensational with detail and tonality.  A new sensational design from Audio Technica, hand assembled in Japan. Look for my full review coming soon!

The AT-LPY priced at $799 with arm and cartridge was spinning a British import of the Dark Side of the moon. Listening with the AD5000 the sound was engaging and liquid.  The  table was musical and well constructed and had an AT cartridge spinning the grooves and man the sound was liquid and musical with the warmth of vinyl and the recording was transparent.

The Viva Egoista 2A3 electrostatic amplifier priced at $10,000 was a serious contender for best amp at the show. The design had a beautiful automotive finish and was driving a pair of electrostatic Stax headphones.  I heard from two of my NY members who are engulfed with stats and both Larry and Kerry said it was the best amp they heard at the show  Viva is all hand built in Italy outside of Venice with love. The automotive paint finish and Viva chassis also make this a work of art, as well as musical masterpiece, that will enrich any stat lover with exceptional detail retrieval and the enormous soundstage and air that 2A3 tubes  can produce. Exceptional and Bob Clarke from Profundo who distributes all the Viva products was on hand to answer questions.

Joe Skubinski the Godfather of Buffalo was present showcasing his new designs. Joe is no stranger to personal audio, his Abyss headphone line is one of the best reference headphones on the planet.  The new Diana was making wonderful music. Listening to the sleek and beautifully designed $3000 Diana provided exceptional detail with musicality rarely found in a headphone. The sound of the instruments was accurate. The comfortable boutique design is a 330 gram planar magnetic. The Emotion Headband automatically adjusted to my head and the  beautiful leather finish with its exotic style was sensational. The sound  from the 40 ohm driver was majestic. If you are looking for a true reference caliber headphone, that is comfortable and musical you need to hear the Diana! The Eleven Audio fully balanced $3499 Formula S amplifier was driving  6 watts of power into the Abyss lineup. The amp is pure class A and is quiet and musical. The Formula S had ample power to showcase the incredible dynamics of the Abyss transducer. The Abyss  came to life and the amp had the power and finesse to make this a world class system.

The Abyss lineup is prices at $4495-$5495. Peter Pialis (Macedonian Hero) is reviewing the Abyss Lite and is extremely impressed with the dynamics and detail he been extracting from the headphone.

The  $2299 battery powered Eleven Audio Broadway amplifier was making beautiful music. The amp was quiet, musical and drove the Diana easily. The fully balanced design was impressive.

Klipsch Heritage Reference headphone is presented in  a beautiful glass presentation case. The headphone is exceptional in sound using a 52MM Bio Dynamic Driver in a semi open design. The solid wood earcups are offered in three different woods. The Ebony wood design is spectacular with the leather pads.


  • Free-Edge 52mm Bio Dynamic Drivers
  • Triple-vented semi-open design
  • Solid-wood earcups
  • Genuine cowhide headband
  • 1.37m and 2.0m removable cables
  • Custom 1/4” adapter
  • Custom solid-steel stand
  • Magnetic removable sheepskin ear cushions

The Walnut Wood is beautiful and bold. The exquisite detail in design also was evident in the Oak design. The Heritage priced at $1199 makes this an outstanding value in High End reference design and a product that sounds incredibly detailed and musical with exceptional dynamics. Look for a full featured review in the coming month from Gary Alan Barker at Headphone.Guru.

The Heritage priced at $1199 is one of the best sounding headphones in this price range. The sound was rich and offered exceptional musicality and is a work of art in design. If you are in the market for an affordable reference headphone you should consider the Heritage. Designed from the ground up with affordability and sound rarely found in this price range, the Heritage series is a sensational offering from the folds at Klipsch.

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