Dan Clark Audio Launches New ETHER 2 System

Introducing the new Ether 2 System

The ETHER 2 headphone was introduced by Dan Clark Audio, then MrSpeakers, in October of 2018. They were Immediately lauded by audio reviewers around the world for it’s smooth tone, incredible detail, and remarkable comfort, and went on to garner many headphone-of-the-year awards.

 “When factoring in their $2000 price while most competitors ask two to three times for their offerings, which puts the Ether 2 in a league of its own.”

 Scott Lombardo, Enjoy the Music

 ETHER 2 supports 3 different ear pads each offering a unique sound and comfort experience. 

That means ETHER 2 is one headphone but has 3 distinct voices. We’ve decided to update the ETHER 2 to include all 3 ear pads and are calling it the ETHER 2 System. For current owners who’d like to try this out we have a package of the perforated and suede ear pads at a reduced price.

 The great part is you can peel the pads off and change them anytime.

 So what’s the effect on the sound? With the stock earpad as the reference, the suede pad is offers a little more output in the bass region and a little more sparkle on top, while the perforated pads deliver the largest soundstage and increase relative bass and treble for a more fun and lively voicing. The stock earpads put the midrange a bit further forward compared to the perforated and suede pads.

 Fun tip: we usually have a favorite that’s on 75% of the time and swap for fun or specific music.

 ETHER 2 System will be $2,299.99, and is available now at an introductory price of $2,199.99 through October, 2020.

ETHER 2 Ear Pad Comparison

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As can be seen, the original ear pad (blue) offers the most forward midrange, while the suede pads (green) deliver a somewhat warmer bottom-end and a little additional sparkle up top. The perforated pads, red, deliver the strongest relative bass and treble for a more “fun” tone.

 The optional ear pads are $89.95 per pair.

 We will of course still offer the Ether 2 with one update: the default pad will be the perforated ear pad.

 ETHER 2 owners can experience all three ear pads with our perforated and suede pad bundle for only $119.99, a savings of $60.00 vs purchased a la cart and $50 off the normal price of $169.99, prices valid through October, 2020.

 “And now with this new package, you don’t just get one world class reference headphone, but three with a profile to match pretty much any listener.”

 Gary Alan Barker, Headphone Guru

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