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Vinh Vu has been designing revolutionary products over the years mainly in room acoustics and electronic components. Vinh started his career at Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies (23 years) then embraced his first love, high-end audio, and founded Gingko Audio building speakers and developing his award-winning vibration control systems. He holds three patents including one for his Cloud Vibration Control System. Over the years he has become a friend and supporter of Headphone.Guru, so it was no surprise that while Gary Barker, our Senior Partner, and I were setting up my system recently, Vinh decided to stop over and tune my room with his new Gingko Audio VCS (Vibration Control Solutions) Toolkit acoustic tuning system. He moved to the speakers to split the room into thirds, slightly different from my earlier placement of the Focal Chora 826 speakers, then looked over the other components in the room. Twin SVS SB 2000 subwoofers were sitting in the corners of my media room one on each side of the room and an Outlaw 2160 Receiver was driving the speakers while the powered subs each had an internal 500-watt amplifier to drive them.

Gingko Audio VCS Starter Toolkit

The Gingko Audio VCS Toolkit comes in two flavors, the Gingko Audio VCS Starter Toolkit for $599 (currently on sale for$499) and the Gingko Audio Premium VCS Toolkit for $899 ($749 sale price). The Starter Kit includes four Small Cloud22 Bases, eight Mini-ARCHs, and eight 1/2″-thick Equipment/Speaker ARCHs, while the Premium contains eight Small Cloud22 Bases, twelve Mini-ARCHs, and twelve 1/2″-thick Equipment/Speaker ARCHs.

Gingko Audio Premium VCS Toolkit

Cloud22 is the newest Gingko Audio vibration control invention, introduced in 2022, the Cloud22 bases use lamb wool as the vibration control material, designed to both dampen and isolate components from the room (the dome shape provides the smallest possible contact surface without damaging the component or furniture). They come in two sizes small for components weighing up to 60lbs and large for larger components weighing up to 120lbs.

Cloud22 bases

The patented ARCH Acoustic Resonance Clarifier™ is constructed from a lossy material that dissipates vibration across the audio frequency spectrum. Its design is a curved shape with two ends that rest on the floor at an angle, thus minimizing transferred energy from the cabinet to the ground. In addition, the ARCH flexes under the weight of the speaker as the latter vibrates, further reducing the transferred energy. The Mini-ARCH is simply a smaller version of the ARCH for components weighing less than 15lbs, while the 1/2″ ARCHs can handle up to 25lbs each (100lbs for four).


ARCHs were placed under both the speakers and subwoofers and Cloud22 bases were placed under the Outlaw 2160. Vinh used his devices to stop any vibration in the amp and when completed both the speakers and subwoofers with the devices under them were raised slightly off the carpet in the room.

The final adjustments were made by careful listening and incremental adjustments to the placement of the Chora 826 three-way. A 12-foot pair of Cardas Clear speaker cables were used.

The sound locked in now we started to listen.

Harry Belafonte singing “Cotton Fields” had pinpoint focus. He was outlined as if he was in the room and the sound was exceptionally more three-dimensional with Belefonte in front of the band and sounded as good as I have heard him. Instantly noticeable was more air and focus than the system ever had before.

Using a bass recording we noticed more defined bass without knowing the subs were playing. The incredible full texture of the bass was much improved and the tight defined bass felt like it was thunderous. The SVS subs go down below 20hz and are thunderous with bass as good as I have heard from a sub.

The multitude of instruments listening to classical recordings were layered as you would hear them in a concert hall. I could identify each section of the orchestra with more clarity and felt the system was performing at another level.

Final thoughts:

Room tuning acoustics is important and spending $499 for the Gingko Audio VCS Starter Toolkit room tuning kit complete with instructions for where to put the devices is one of the best investments you can make.

Many times we forget how we can improve the sound of our room. Gingko’s new devices are like adding another component. Everything in a high-end stereo system counts. Using Cardas Clear is also a testament to how high-end cables perform. The Focal Choras were magnificent and this room tuning was like adding a component that finally brought out what the room was capable of delivering. Kudos to Vinh Vu for taking his time to come over and set up my room. This room tuning kit is a must for anyone wanting to really hear their systems. The differences were enormous and well worth the money.

If you want to hear what your speakers and subs are capable of don’t hesitate, check out Gingko Vibration Control Solutions and you will be happy you added them to your system. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to maximize their systems and looking for the finishing touch. You will not be disappointed by purchasing this item. Real science and years of experience were put into this tuning tool kit. Guaranteed improvement for a minimal cost. Wow!

Price: Gingko Audio VCS Starter Toolkit for $599

Gingko Audio Premium VCS Toolkit for $899

Manufacturer’s Website:

VCS Toolkit Introductory Sale until June 30, 2022:

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