Headphone Guru + Hifiman Contest Winner Announcement!

Headphone Guru would first like to thank all the people who took the time to enter our contest in partnership with Hifiman. We received over 600 entries and we appreciate all the support from the HG community. We will be doing one contest about every month in partnership with our sponsors, so if you did not win this time stay tuned and try again next time around.

The lucky winner is Scott L., and he will be receiving one Hifiman Deva Headphone. Congratulations to Scott, and again thanks to everyone for entering. We look forward to our next contest and your continued support. If you entered, you will also be receiving the HG newsletter with more details about our reviews and perhaps exclusive deals and other promotions.

“Thank you so much, what a great surprise!  I have been a huge fan of HIfiman in-ear dynamic drivers for years and am so excited to have the chance to listen to one of their Planer-Magnetic headphones.  Also, Headphone.Guru is one of the sites I check out every day.  I particularly love your Columns and Music information.  Thank you again, very much appreciated.”
Hifiman Contest Winner Scott L.

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  • Frank iacone
  • 2020-06-18 09:38:12
  • Congratulations to Scott L for winning the Diva Headphone and stay tuned @for Peter Pialis featured review coming soon. Scot L we appreciate your support and look forward to more participation on our monthly contest. Please like our Headphone,Guru page and all feel free to participate. Frank Iacone Editor-In-Chief
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