April 2023: This month at AXPONA, Nordost is launching the QBASE Mark III. Since first being introduced to the market in 2009, the QBASE has been a sophisticated, yet straightforward AC Distribution Unit which provides the solid foundation audio components require, in order to improve upon any high-performing, two-channel system. Now, Nordost is further amplifying the benefits that the QBASE brings to a system’s performance with the introduction of the QBASE Mark III.

The QBASE Mark III, like its historically praised predecessors, is a passive distribution block that addresses the noise-inducing, conflicting flows of signal and ground paths by using a unique method called star-earth topology. Those familiar with star-earth topology know how this design is integral to isolating components from each other, eliminating the conflicting flow of signal and ground paths between electronics, and creating a straight-line AC distribution path from the wall to each individual component in a system.

The new QBASE Mark III features a redesigned, dual-level PC-board configuration that separates all ground connections from the line and neutral traces, consequently minimizing any interference or crosstalk between live/neutral and ground currents. Additionally, the construction and trace geometry of each PC-board has been vastly optimized to include enhanced trace sizes, further maximizing current flow and crosstalk. Lastly, a resistance “sink” adds protection and more effectively damps eddy currents. These crucial advancements help to achieve the impressive effect that the QBASE Mark III has on a sound system — enhancing the 3D imaging on the soundstage, pulling out tonal richness and sustained decay time in the music, and imparting a clear increase of power, while maintaining a neutral and effortless delivery of the performance.

The QBASE Mark III is now available at select Nordost dealers, worldwide.

The suggested retail price for an 8-outlet “QB8” (available in US-NEMA, EUR-Schuko, and AUS) is:

$2,299.99 USD for the IEC C-14 (15/10Amp) model

$2,599.99 USD for the IEC C-20 (20/16Amp) model

The suggested retail for a 4-outlet “QB4” (available in US-NEMA, EUR-Schuko, and AUS) is:

$1,399.99 USD for the IEC C-14 (15/10Amp) model

The suggested retail for a 6-outlet “QB6” (available in UK only) is:

$2,299.99 USD for the IEC-C 14 (13Amp) model

$2,599.99 USD for the IEC C-20 (16Amp) model

Attendees of AXPONA will be the first to hear the QBASE Mark III in the Schaumburg F room, where Nordost is assembling a world-class reference system featuring products from renowned hifi manufacturers VTL, Stenheim, dCS, and VPI, with a full loom of Nordost Supreme Reference, Odin 2 cables and a complete suite of QRT audio enhancers.

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