LSA HP-2 Headphones Giveaway!

Headphone Guru fans, welcome to our next contest for the month of July.  In partnership with LSA Headphones, by Underwood Hifi, HG will be giving one lucky winner an LSA HP-2 Headphone at the end of the month.  Follow the link to the contest page and sign up for our newsletter and like our Facebook page and you will be entered to win, it’s that easy!

A little about the headphones here is an excerpt from Gary Alan Barker’s review:

“LSA’s new HP-2 Ultra is an upgrade to the Kennerton Magni that will be released from Kennerton as the Kennerton Gjallarhorn (at a $1200.00 retail price in comparison to the HP-2 Ultra at $799.00) that LSA is positioning to be a breakthrough in an affordable under $1000 headphones.

Using a unique new horn loaded 40 mm compression design driver with a bio-cellulose and paper membrane the HP-2 Ultra has an extremely soft suspension and additionally relies on the elasticity of the air volume of the acoustic chamber, represented by the earphone cup. This is done to lower the resonant frequency of the dynamics, and accordingly the depth of reproduced low frequencies. As a result the HP-2 Ultra headphone represents an easy to drive 33-ohm load with a 105dB/mW efficiency.”

Remember one entry per person please, the winner will be announced at the end of the month.

Click here to enter. 

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  • Ron Weinberg
  • 2020-07-29 12:43:30
  • I would love to experience the headphone!
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