Meze Audio Releases its First Dynamic Open-Back Headphone, the 109 PRO – Made for Pure Listening Enjoyment

Assembled and tuned with ultimate precision and powered by a 50mm dynamic driver, the Meze Audio 109 PRO produces emotionally engaging sound with great detail, clarity and just the right amount of punch.

BAIA MARE, Romania – September 15, 2022Meze Audio, award-winning high-end headphone manufacturer, announces its first dynamic open-back headphone – the 109 PRO. Made from carefully curated and responsibly sourced materials, including walnut wood, zinc, manganese steel and vegan leather, the 109 PRO is a comfortable, lightweight, yet highly durable headphone capable of producing a natural, emotionally engaging listening experience.
“Our obsession with art, exceptional sound and timeless design drives us. We only create what we love, and the 109 PRO is no exception to that,” said Antonio Meze, lead designer and founder, Meze Audio. “We poured our soul into every aspect of its design – from the premium materials used to its intricate engineering. And because we don’t follow trends, nor do we let them influence us, the 109 PRO is built to sound, look and feel great for years to come.”


● At the heart of the headphone is the 109 series Dual-Composites diaphragm featuring a Beryllium-coated semicrystalline polymer torus, a cellulose-carbon fiber composite dome and a copper-zinc alloy ring stabilizer.
● The superlight but stiff cellulose composite reinforced with carbon fiber makes it possible for the W-shaped dome to reproduce high frequencies (5Hz-30KHz) with incredible detail, clarity and definition. This composite is superior to conventional alternatives used in dynamic drivers, and its low mass and stiffness helps avoid resonances that may lead to harmonic distortion.
● The ultra-thin torus (22 microns) surrounding the dome is constructed out of a Beryllium-coated semicrystalline polymer, which contributes to greater clarity and a
faster transient response. The high dampening qualities of Beryllium also suppress unwanted resonances, leaving listeners with a more neutral, vivid and transparent experience. ● Around the circumference of the membrane, the ring-shaped stabilizer made of copper-zinc alloy improves the absorption of vibrations to reduce distortion even further.
● The diaphragm is encased in a high-precision machined aluminum frame that has superior rigidity to typical plastics frames and retains perfect surface flatness, which is essential for the precision assembly with the diaphragm.


● The spider-shaped structure and acoustically transparent grill inside the earcup exposes the driver from both sides, creating Meze Audio’s most open pattern to date.
● The driver, placed at a precise angle and distance from the ear, achieves the ideal anatomical fit for the most natural listening experience possible.
● Soft, breathable velour and memory foam earpads comfortably envelop the ears, providing the optimal seal to create an immersive experience.
● The self-adjusting, spring steel headband distributes weight evenly to relieve pressure, for a more comfortable experience that allows the listener to be fully present.


● As our choices of today can have a great impact in the world of tomorrow, Meze Audio designs products that last. Conceived with timelessness in mind, the 109 PRO is meant to surpass short-lived trends and fast-changing industry fashions, rewarding the user with long-term, emotional value.
● The black walnut wood used for creating the earcups is strictly harvested from certified sources, specifically trees designated as mature and having reached the end of their life cycle.
● The 109 PRO is fully and endlessly serviceable, which can extend the life of the product beyond limit.
The 109 PRO, available now for $799 at, rises to the brand’s highest standards of comfort, design and audio reproduction. For more information on the 109 PRO, as well as Meze Audio’s entire premium headphones lineup, visit

About Meze Audio:
Founded in 2011 in Baia Mare, Romania, Meze Audio is renowned for timeless design, pure comfort and engaging vivid sound. We are engineers, musicians and artists. Headphones are the intersection, the common ground where everybody’s interests meet. We are fortunate as our work really is our passion and we develop each model as if making it for ourselves.
About Antonio Meze – Lead Designer and Founder of Meze Audio:
Award winning industrial designer with over 16 years of experience. In his field, Antonio was always interested in product innovation, technology and its implementation and their social and cultural implications. While working for design studios and companies from all over the world, traveling a lot, Antonio was always in search of the perfect headphone. In 2011, he decided to build that headphone himself, and set out to create a product he could relate to in the same way he felt connected to his Fender Stratocaster guitar. An object to pour his passion for music in, full of personality and life, which also incorporates the attributes of high-end technology.
His journey led to the start of Meze Audio, now a brand of reference for audiophiles all over the world.

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