New integrated amplifier, upgraded turntable debut from Luxman America

L-507Z integrated amplifier and PD-151 MkII turntable

BALLSTON SPA, New York, September 2022 – Featuring Luxman’s original LIFES1.0 distortion canceling feedback engine, the new L-507Z is a Class AB integrated amplifier of exceptional sound quality. The first model in Luxman’s Z Series, the new integrated amplifier joins the PD-151 MkII turntable, which incorporates a new, proprietary tonearm featuring classic knife-edge bearings. The turntable retains such key advantages as a low-speed, high torque motor and Luxman’s unique sine-wave/Pulse Width Modulation power supply. “The new components carry forward the Luxman hallmarks of uncompromising sound quality, sophisticated technology and timeless design,” said Jeff Sigmund, president of Luxman America. “They’re fitting additions as we approach 2025, our centennial year.”

The L-507Z integrated amplifier is available immediately at a suggested retail price of $8,995. The PD-151 MkII is available immediately at a suggested retail price of $6,490, including the optional dust cover.

L-507Z integrated amplifier inaugurates Luxman’s Z Series

Built for discriminating music lovers, the L-507Z is the first integrated amplifier in Luxman’s Z Series, which will feature LIFES1.0, the Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System. First offered on the M-10X power amplifier earlier this year, LIFES1.0 is uniquely capable of reducing distortion while controlling the feedback inaccuracies that can compromise the expressive power of music reproduction. LIFES1.0 represents a substantial advance from Luxman’s signature ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) amplifier design. It results from meticulous computer simulation using dedicated software, careful evaluation of new circuit components, extensive auditioning, and prototype listening tests.

The L-507Z is also notable for prominent front panel VU meters; a large, 7-segment LED display that makes it easy to see volume level from any listening position; the “Pentaconn” five-conductor, balanced headphone jack for improved stereo separation; and rear panel 12-volt trigger for compatible home automation systems.

L-507Z key features

· 110 Watts + 110 Watts RMS, Class AB into 8-ohm loads

· 210 Watts + 210 Watts RMS, Class AB into 4-ohm loads

· First integrated amplifier with LIFES1.0 (Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System) to simultaneously reduce distortion and preserve musical nuance and microdynamics

· Large dual VU meters with bright LED backlight, supplemented by large, 7-segment LED volume level display

· Highly regulated power supply with new EI-type transformer and an array of eight 10,000 µF filter capacitors

· LECUA1000 electronically controlled attenuator with 88 discrete steps, which was first featured in the C-900u control amplifier

· “Pentaconn” 4.4 mm headphone jack incorporates five conductors for balanced output, improves channel separation for private listening, supplements the standard 6.3 mm jack

· Home automation compatible with 12-volt trigger in/out connections

· Robust, anti-resonant construction, including thick aluminum chassis panels and density gradient cast iron feet; weighs 56 pounds (25.4 kg)

· Meticulous circuit design including smooth, round-cornered printed circuit board traces; beeline topology; low-impedance transmission; and carefully auditioned parts

· Supplied wireless remote control also operates Luxman digital players released after 1996

PD-151 MkII turntable boasts tonearm upgrade

To serve the needs of the most demanding vinyl enthusiasts, Luxman is replacing the well-received PD-151A turntable with the substantially upgraded PD-151 MkII. The new deck is set apart by an original, new tonearm, the beautifully crafted LTA-309. It incorporates the knife-edge bearing technology originally developed by SAEC, a classic Japanese brand. Other tonearm features include static balance, machined aluminum arm base, and arm height that adjusts to accommodate different cartridges. The PD-151 MkII carries forward the key advantages of its predecessor, including Luxman’s proprietary power supply and speed control technologies.

PD-151 MkII key features

· Supports classic vinyl with 33-1/3, 45 and 78 rpm speeds

· Original, new LTA-309 tonearm is built around the highly-regarded knife-edge bearing technology developed by SAEC, a classic Japanese brand; achieves ultra-low friction, ultra-accurate groove tracing; arm height adjusts to accommodate different cartridges

· Luxman’s unique sine-wave/Pulse Width Modulation power supply for ultra-stable direct current

· Low-speed, high-torque DC motor is built on a high-precision cast alloy chassis; minimizes acoustic noise with super-smooth bearings and careful internal construction

· Rotational speed meticulously maintained by Luxman’s Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) feedback control loop

· 9-pound (4.0 kg) platter uses high mass to help maintain rotational precision, offers diamond-cut finish

· Highly rigid, 16-mm stainless steel shaft with a lower thrust bearing carefully lubricated with polyether ether ketone (PEEK)

· Brass radial bearing filled with organic molybdenum oil supports the upper shaft

· Anti-resonant rubber hybrid record coupling mat

· 10mm thick aluminum top panel supports internal electrical components attachment using Luxman’s original “damped underslung hanging method”

· Special rubber polymer damping isolates heavy electrical components from the chassis

· Isolator feet with special damping material protect the turntable chassis from shelf-borne vibration; each foot offers 5 mm independent height adjustment

· Available and highly recommended, the OPPD-DSC151 dust cover is 4-mm clear acrylic and includes cam/spring supporting hinges for easy opening and smooth closure

· High-grade AC input supports the weight of heavy accessory power cables


Luxman America, Inc. based in Ballston Spa, NY, is the exclusive North American distributor of Luxman brand products designed and produced by Luxman Corp., of Yokohama, Japan. Luxman was among the world’s first consumer electronics companies, founded at the dawn of the radio age in 1925. Over the years, Luxman audio components have become synonymous with timeless styling, exquisite fit and finish, and above all, uncompromising sound quality. When the audio industry moved en masse into transistor amplifiers, Luxman continued to create vacuum tube amplifiers without interruption. Landmark products include the SQ-5A vacuum tube integrated amplifier (1961), the PD-300 turntable with vacuum disc stabilizer (1980) and the DU-10 universal disc player for CD, SACD and DVD Audio (2001). For additional information, we invite you to visit and Like us on Facebook.

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