New Products in the DALI CI Line: The Phantom IW Sub S-100 and  Phantom CI Amp-2500 DSP

At CEDIA 2023 DALI introduces the new components to complete the premium Phantom  series

CEDIA EXPO, September 1, 2023, Denver Colorado– Lenbrook Americas, a specialty  distributor of high-performance and high-value audio components, announces the latest  additions to the DALI PHANTOM Series: the PHANTOM IW SUB S-100 and PHANTOM CI AMP 2500 DSP. These two products join the comprehensive range of CI loudspeakers that offer  customizable Hi-Fi audio solutions while providing high-quality sound performance. The DALI  PHANTOM IW SUB S-100 is a low profile subwoofer that provides installation flexibility and is available for $2,399 USD/ $2,999 CAD. The PHANTOM CI AMP-2500 DSP provides intricate tuning customization and is available for $2,999 USD/ $3,899. Both products will be available  to view and demo at CEDIA 2023 in Denver, Colorado at the Lenbrook Americas booth (#3516).  

“With the new in-wall sub and CI Amplifier we are now able to offer a complete DALI CI HOME CINEMA solution which is an important step for us in order to deliver the ultimate experience,”  says Krestian Pedersen, DALI’s Head of Product Management.


DALI SUB S-100 pictured
DALI SUB S-100 pictured

Developed from the ground up by DALI for ultimate performance, the PHANTOM IW SUB S 100 subwoofer is based on the same principles as the K-60 LP bass driver. The 10-inch low profile and versatile in-wall sub features a stiff, custom aluminum cone that unites long throw  capability with an ultra-shallow profile and sealed enclosure. This is the first DALI speaker to  include the CSS (Constant Surface Surround) technology which is co-developed by Purifi Audio,  Denmark. The technology offers a unique surround geometry of alternating positive and  negative regions to keep surround modulation to a minimum. This allows the surround surface  sound to be constant no matter the position of the diaphragm.  


DALI PHANTOM CI Amp-2500 DSP pictured
DALI PHANTOM CI Amp-2500 DSP pictured

The PHANTOM SUB S-100 has been developed alongside and is to be amplified by the  PHANTOM CI AMP-2500 DSP. This ensures compatibility and maximizes performance potential  to achieve consistent performance in any installation. The PHANTOM CI AMP-2500 DSP  features 2,500 watts of Class-D amplification enabling effortless power with extremely high  efficiency and ultra-low distortion. This rack-mountable powerhouse can also be bridged into a  1,000 watt mono amp and features an adaptive fan control to keep fan noise to a minimum.  

The CI AMP-2500 DSP has immense headroom making it the perfect power source for the  PHANTOM S and M series or allowing for up to four PHANTOM IW SUB S-100 in-wall  subwoofers. The amp also includes fully featured DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and  configurator web interface. The built-in DSP is tailored via model specific presets to optimize DALI CI models for the best possible sound for each audio installation.  

The system can be configured wired or wirelessly with access to the DALI CONFIGURATOR app  for quick and easy audio system setup via a smartphone. The app enables the user to manage  sound zones, inputs/outputs, firmware updates, import of speaker presets and access to  professional EQ settings.  

Key Features 


• Frequency Range: 26 – 250 Hz 

• Sensitivity: (2.83V/1 m) 84 dB 

• Nominal Impedance: 6 ohm 

• Maximum SPL: 110 dB 

• Recommended Amplifier: DALI PHANTOM CI AMP-2500 DSP 

• Power: 200 – 500 Watt 

• Low Frequency Driver: 1 x 10 inch 

• Low Frequency Diaphragm: Anodized Aluminum 

• Connection Input: Single wire • Enclosure Type: Closed box, infinite baffle Installation location In-wall, on-wall, floor • Outer Dimensions inc grille (H x W x D): 647 x 412 x 107mm 25.87 x 16.22 x 4.22  inches

• Cut-out Dimensions(H x W x D): 615 x 370mm 24.2 x1 4.5 inches 

• Weight (inc grille): 21kg 38.03 lbs • Finish: Black


• Frequency range: 12 Hz – 20 kHz (+/- 0.5 dB, 8 Ω load, 3 dB below rated power) • Connection input(s): 4x Analog unbalanced, RCA 4x Analog balanced, Euroblock connector,  1x S/PDIF, RCA 

• Input impedance: 10 kohm 

• Output channels: 2 x Lo-Z speaker (4 – 16 ohm), 1 x Hi-Z speaker (70V / 100V), 1x  S/PDIF digital out, RCA 

• Maximum speaker cable cross section: 2,5 mm2 / AWG 14 (Euroblock standard) • Total system power: 1000 W 

• Power consumption: 350 W 

• Output voltage: 45 Vrms (SE) – 90 Vrms (BTL), 70/100V (Hi-Z) 

• Output circuitry: UMAC™ Class D – full bandwidth PWM modulator with ultra-low distortion • Power supply: UREC™ universal mains switch mode power supply with Power Factor  Correction (PFC) and standby converter 

• Outer dimensions: (H x W x D) 88 x 440 x 332 mm / 3.5 x 17.3 x 13.1 inches • Weight: 5.9 kg / 13 lb • Finish: Black

About DALI 

DALI, (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries), was established in 1983, and grew out of  Scandinavia’s leading audio retail chain. Now distributed in 65 countries, and with more than  35 years of experience and global recognition, DALI holds unwavering dedication to sound that  has advanced the state of the art, inspiring music and cinema lovers and challenging the  competition to catch up. DALI is driven by raw passion for music and an honest reproduction in  the domestic environment. Continuous development and refinement of new technologies  remains core to DALI’s quest to create the best loudspeakers in the world. For more  information, visit

About Lenbrook Americas 

The Lenbrook Group of Companies is a privately held Canadian corporation who are the owners  of NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, Bluesound and Bluesound Professional. Formed in 1978,  Lenbrook initially was a national distributor of electronics and communications products in  Canada and has grown to become a leading global supplier to over 80 countries around the  world. Lenbrook Americas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenbrook International, is responsible for the sales and marketing of NAD Electronics, PSB Speakers, Bluesound and DALI in both the  U.S. and Canada. Additionally, it also distributes Tivoli Audio in Canada. 


DALI Website: 

Lenbrook Americas Website:

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