The New Ear Gear Experience!

Audition everything from open-back, closed-back, to in-ear headphones. Everything you need for a headphone set-up including cables, amps, players and accessories will be available to demo in AXPONA’s Ear Gear Experience! 

Hear the best brands in personal audio including: Dan Clark Audio, Schiit Audio, Empire Ears, Audeze, Cardas Audio, Manley Labs, Jerry Harvey Audio, Sennheiser and more!

The Ear Gear Experience is the place to be at AXPONA to shop, compare, and learn about everything related to personal audio. You won’t want to miss these new features:

  • The Ear Gear Theater –  for meet-ups, product launches, and instructional seminars.
  • Relax in one of the lounges
  • Visit the Café to purchase beverages

Join us for three days of total audio immersion at AXPONA 2020!

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