Underwood Hifi / LSA GaN 350 Shipping From Stock

Walter Liederman from Underwood Hifi and LSA is pleased to announce the addition of the GaN 350 Amplifier. This is not just an evolution – but a revolution in Class D Audio Performance utilizing GaNFETs (Gallium Nitride Field-Effect Transistors). Performance never dreamed of – now achieved thanks to these State of The Art GaNFETS.

This is the type of high value product that Underwood is all about. The LSA GaN 350 exemplifies our new mantra of Value Innovation in High End Audio. We are delivering this ABSOLUTELY with this product.

Liederman went on to explain – This is the type of high value product that Underwood is all about. Priced right and with performance attributes that present as the very best of Class A and Tube Amplifiers, while delivering Class D low frequency tracking and mind-boggling immediacy through the band. Our package is neat, efficient, and easy to live with. Our $150.00 Upgraded Wire option Now Included.

Underwood is offering a Limited Time

Trade In Of YOUR Amplifier

and get upwards of $1200 dollars towards our new GaN 350 Amp.

Underwood Hifi has been at your service for 21 years. We are an Internet Direct / Low Overhead Business which allows us to bring the absolute best products to market at the best possible pricing. We own Living Sounds Audio, Emerald Physics and Core Power Technologies A/V and each of these product lines exemplifies our core philosophy of Value Innovation in High End Audio offering Great Products at Great Prices with unparalleled Customer Service. We manufacture them and sell them to end users at typical dealer cost. We also Distribute Brands like Audio-gd and Pure Audio Labs in the USA as well as selling high value brands like Black Ice Audio, Audio GE Teddy speakers and many others as shown on our website.



Contact Walter Liederman / 770.667.5633  underwoodwally@aol.com

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