Coming Soon: HiFiAudio.Guru!!!

We at Headphone.Guru would like to announce the arrival of our new sister publication HiFiAudio.Guru! HiFiAudio.Guru is a publication dedicated to the budding audiophile who is looking to graduate from Headphone listening into HiFi. To this end, HiFiAudio.Guru will specialize in affordable audiophile HiFi systems. Why systems? Because the real secret to creating an audiophile system is component matching. You can’t just take a bunch of high-end products, throw them together, and expect to have great sound. No product is perfect, so you have components that complement each other to achieve the desired end result.

To accommodate differing budgets, we will separate the systems into different price categories: Under $2,500, Under $5,000, Under $7,500 and $10,000+.

Of course, in the tradition of Headphone.Guru, there will also be Show Reports and interesting articles covering all things of interest to the audiophile.

So Join Us in our great anticipation of the late January 2020 Launch of HiFiAudio.Guru!

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