Schiit Audio Launches New Modi 3!

Hey all,

Are you ready for real change? Well, here we go: the biggest change in the Schiit Modi DAC since it began in 2012. Now, the Modi accepts USB, optical, and coaxial digital inputs—and is much more versatile than ever before—and it’s still $99!Welcome the new Modi 3:

  • Accepts three digital inputs (USB, optical, and coaxial)
  • Premium AKM AK4490 D/A converter with DC-coupled output
  • Plugs into virtually any computer with a single cable for data and power
  • Or, use the supplied 5V wall-wart and USB Micro cable for external power for optical and coaxial
  • Also it’s ideal for tablet and phone sources—reports as 0mA device with external power to eliminate “draws too much power” errors
  • And—again—it’s still just $99

Modi 3 is available today at Press Release: Page:  All the best,Jason Stoddard
Mike Moffat

Schiit Audio  

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